Fried clam strip recipes

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The sunsets are earlier. I'm overhearing conversations about school. It's time to ask myself if I have had my summer quota of fried clams.

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Either way, we can all agree: It's not summer unless you've gotten your hands on a paper boat brimming with crispy, golden fried clams, spritzed with a bit of lemon and doused in tartar sauce see the video above. You don't crave clams in January. You crave them in summer when you can sit outside with a cold beer and fried clams.

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If you want the true New England fried clam, you need the right ingredients. The other obvious secret: simplicity The secret to the best batter is refusing complexity. People will think they can create the next best thing if they add a little something.

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Food editor Melissa Roberts-Matar figured out what makes The Harrison's clams so special: the lightness of the coating. That's achieved by draining the buttermilk-soaked clams well and shaking off the excess coating after you dredge the clams. Do they even have them on the East coast?

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For many in New England, the smell of summer is salty ocean air and even saltier fried seafood. We love fried fish and the occasional pile of fried scallops, but nothing beats the glory of a basket of fried clams. Paired with golden onion rings and a side of tartar sauce, fried clams are the perfect summer vacation treat.

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Ipswich whole belly clams are steamers that have been removed from their shells and had the necks and membranes removed. And while you can get Ipswich clams from Ipswich, Massachusetts—where we get ours—these days the majority of whole belly clams come from Maine. Never substitute "clam strips" for whole belly clams.

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To make them in the traditional New England style use Ipswich clams a. Steamers or soft-shell clams and use the whole clam bellies, strips and cleaned neck. Are you ready?

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The clams would have been prepared as strips by the supplier, but here the whole clam body is fried. Combine evaporated milk and whole milk, egg, vanilla, salt, and pepper. Soak clams in liquid and then dredge in combination of cake flour and cornmeal, fluffing them in the flour mixture for light but thorough coverage. Shake off excess flour and fry in oil.

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Fried clams are clam dipped in milk and then flour and deep-fried. Fried clams are an iconic food, "to New Englandwhat barbecue is to the South". The usual variant in New England is made from whole soft-shell clamsknown as "Whole-Bellies"; these include the clam's gastrointestinal tract and have a fuller flavor.

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The lightness of the coating on these buttermilk-soaked clams is the hidden secret to producing restaurant-quality clam strips. Serve with tartar sauce and lemon wedges for a fast food dish you can now make in your own kitchen! Shared by DMBecker. While oil is heating, rinse and drain clam strips in a colander and stir together with buttermilk in a large bowl.


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