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As he watched the photo scandal unfold in real time, Brennan called Major Kendra Motz, a public- affairs officer at Camp Lejeune who had helped him with a story he'd written for Vanity Fair. Brennan's story was picked up immediately by nearly every major newspaper and network news channel. It was quiet but for the sound of wind chimes in the breeze. Brennan was still a member of Marines United, so he posted a link to the story onto the group's feed with this message, "Here you go, you thirsty fucks. The pictures included selfies, creepshots, and intimate photos.

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naked marine pics

The mass demobilization that took place after the Second World War left U.

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Strewn across the kitchen counter were stacks of papers, a laptop, and a four-inch-thick black binder in which he kept the screenshots from Marines United. Hell's Going to Need a Bigger Vestibule. But the infantry culture she wanted to join was all male. Instead, he released a statement of tepid acquiescence. I deserve every bit of sorrow I feel. But its appearance on Marines United represented an obvious breach of that trust.

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