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These cookies are my chocolate dreams coming true right in front of my face. Thick, soft, like a brownie, chocolate cake, and a big soft cookie all in one. It was an Easter-rific blast.

At a time when most TV food shows were as dull as boiled vegetables in white sauce, Pat Llewellyn, who has died aged 55, revolutionised cookery on the small screen with the roar of Two Fat Ladies on a motorbike. She unveiled Jamie Oliver as The Naked Chef and transformed Gordon Ramsay from a terrifying, swearing chef off screen into an engaging, swearing one on camera. Inventing one TV show that becomes a global hit is hard enough.

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The second half of my annual baking review. This is when it gets heavy people, gluten-free cookies, bread pudding, a new type of snickerdoodle, craziness I tell you! Pure baking craziness.

This chocolate cake is life-changing! It really is the best gluten-free chocolate cake! Sally promised me it would be lifechanging.

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My family and I like to joke that Pioneer Woman stole this recipe from us, since she has such a similar one on her blog. We think to ourselves, We had an amazing family recipe that Ree Drummond decided she was going to pilfer! Because it was so awesome, of course!

The two voices ring out in close harmony. One Clarissa Dickson Wright as booming as a lady magistrate, the other Jennifer Paterson as fruity as a drag artiste. CDW: "It's a bingo call, you know.

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Think about it: layers of cake, layers of filling or frosting, and that satisfying moment when you cut into something impressive like our Strawberry Dream Cake. We tend to err on the side of more cake, rather than less. Recipe: Strawberry Dream Cake.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my privacy policy. This simple Moist Chocolate Cake recipe is completely homemade and incredibly moist from using oil instead of butter!

When I first started playing with paleo baked goods, I used a lot of coconut flour, which requires using a lot of eggs. But is it? Are chickens supposed to be vegetarians? Pretend for moment that you are lucky enough to have chickens in your backyard.


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