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When I was a kidmy grandparents took my extended family out for a nice dinner. And before we sat down to eat, I went to go to the bathroom. I always took a piss before sitting down as a preventive measure, so that I wouldn't have to pee during the meal.

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I forgot to mention something about I Am Love. There is a scene where Tilda rushes into the bathroom, sits down on the toilet… and pees. Tie Me Down!

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So the Top Ten lists have been in full swing, and there have been solid lists that I have been receiving. However, the most bizarre request that I received was from Luke over at Oracle of Filmseeking permission to do something a little different. I was all for the creative juices, though when he told me what his premise and idea was, I was like there is no ways you are going to cough up ten films where Tom Hanks takes a leak as a part of the plot! Well, trust me, I was proven wrong in the most hilarious fashion possible.

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W e can make magic happen! I thought to myself. We are mothers!

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Discussion in ' Misc. Films ' started by RocketmanAug 22, The SuperHeroHype Forums.

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It conspires. In cahoots with some quietly disgruntled fold of my brain, the devil bag demands emptying only when it cannot be plausibly emptied. It is as if there is a tiny agoraphobe peering out at all times and the moment he senses he doesn't have a way out — at the movies, on the subway — he pulls the fire alarm.

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If you take a deep dive into film critic Lindsay Ellis' well-crafted, insightful video essays on her YouTube channel, one image will appear over and over again until it's seared into your brain forever, whether you like it or not. No matter what the video is about, there's at least a decent chance that it will feature a clip from Transformers in which the Autobot Bumblebee urinates all over the Emmy-winning actor John Turturro. At the very least, the scene was the spark that led her to where she is today, with a massive YouTube following, a passionate Patreon subscriber base, and her first video network sponsorship.

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At the movies the other night, before the feature rolled, my husband and I were treated to what felt like 30 minutes of movie previews. Among them was a trailer for Adam Sandler 's new movie Grown Upswhich featured a scene of the four stars peeing in a pool. After urinating, the mythic blue pee-detecting chemical begins to bloom around the four "grown-ups" as they float.

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Earlier this season on "Sex in the City," the usually open-minded heroine, Carrie Bradshaw Sarah Jessica Parkerwas dumped by a politico who otherwise seemed perfect. There was only one problem: He asked her to incorporate golden showers into their relationship. She refused.


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