Information on thermage facial liift

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Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep, collagen-rich layers of the skin. The heat helps to remodel existing collagen and stimulates the formation of new collagen, which reduces sagging and improves contouring, texture and smoothness of the skin. Check out the video below, which illustrates Thermage in action.

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Reading Time: 6 minutes. Having used all of these treatments, let me review the best non-surgical face-lifts in Singapore:. If you have not tried any of these treatments or if you have tried one of these but not the other, this comparison is for you.

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And then I googled Thermage and I had a mini freak out as the first thing that came up was the words non-surgical facelift. A little more research however and my intrigue was just so that I kept my appointment. Sounds pretty impressive. Thermage is a facial and body treatment to tighten and lift the skin by stimulating the formation of collagen.

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The 1 provider of skin tightening treatments worldwide. One quick treatment 30 to 90 minutes depending on the treatment area can deliver outstanding results for most patients. As we age, the collagen that keeps our skin firm breaks down resulting in aging skin that contains fine lines and wrinkles.

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There are many variations of facelift surgery. You should ask your doctor about facelift variations, which may include the deep plane lift or composite lift, SMAS lift, subperiosteal lift, skin lift, mid facelift, and feather or thread lift. Facelift surgery may be performed by making an incision at the temples behind the hairline.

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It's never too late to start looking your best. Begin your journey to beautiful skin with a consultation or treatment at Infinity Skin Care. Discover the amazing results of Thermage non-surgical skin lift.

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Tired saggy faces, or crepey, wrinkly eyelids and eyebags? The new Thermage CPT system tightens and smoothens your face and eyes with no surgery, no injections, and no downtime, and with increased comfort. Thermage is a premium non-invasive skin rejuvenation and tightening procedure. Thermage is FDA approved for the non-invasive treatment of facial wrinkles, and is also the only system which is FDA-approved for non-invasive treatment of the eyelids.

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The never-ending quest to combat ageing skin has produced more creams, serums and treatments than we can count and as with most things in the world of beauty, some are more effective than others. It is a single session treatment that can take anywhere between 20 minutes to two hours depending on the size of the treatment area. Well first, a mini dermatology lesson.

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Smooth and supple skin around the eye region — a younger, deeper and more profound look, lifted eyelids and refreshed eyes. Refined facial contours — an excellent effect of facial firmness without surgical procedures or injections. Gradual skin rejuvenation — Thermage activates collagen production in the skin within 6 months after the procedure. Thermage also known as thermoplasty or thermal lifting is a non-invasive procedure with powerful rejuvenating and lifting effects on the skin.


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