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The house could be salvaged by spraying every surface multiple times with water to dilute the gas. But the first half has given me a new way to feel better about life. At this point, the stuff permeated the house. In a valiant effort to defeat the super mold, they sprayed the whole house down with vinegar water. Unfortunately, they did not yet know it was chlorine gas. The second half of my spring break, at least, was fairly normal, all things considered.

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Raven. Age: 21.
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When that failed, they used some watered down bleach.

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Bethany. Age: 28.
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I now shudder whenever anyone mentions spring break plans that at all involve being only partially clothed. Quantum Quinn's Quandaries. Plans change, however, and I ended up coming home to spend the week with my parents. When that failed, they used some watered down bleach. My parents knew something was up. About half the people I relate this to act as if this is common knowledge.

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