Sekirei musubi gif

sekirei musubi gif
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She later promise Musubi that she will fight her at the end of the Sekirei, so the two Sekirei must win all their future fights. Most of Karasuba scenes are of her killing someone but she does have scenes where she is acting like a normal Sekirei, like driving around in the car with her Ashikabi or hanging out with her fellow Sekirei. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. If you love this then you'd definitely would like a show called freezing. It's content is identical and has a lot of action. If you're free, why don't you play with me?

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Jaylin. Age: 31.
sekirei musubi gif

Most of her fights with Sekirei end with one strike which is why she is feared among her fellow Sekirei.

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Emelia. Age: 29.
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She is the female version of Gin ichimaru from bleach. The bond between the two grew until Yume died saving Musubi which made the hatred in Karasuba heart worsen to the point that she tried to kill Musubi. There are times where she wants to attack Musubi but Karasuba doesn't break her promises so she restrains herself for the sake of the promise. Later on the second generation of the Disciplinary squad was form with Karasuba partner Yume as the leader. Related wiki Kono yo no owari e no tabi. Due to these attributes she took out dozens of gun caring soldiers in a matter of seconds. Karasuba Norito is call "Long blade of the underworld: Eternal Rage" which allows her to created pressurized air explosions by clashing with another blade.

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