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For a long time, I, like many people, believed that Vine was shut down too soon. At first this deep-frying process was largely genuine, kids refiltering and remixing each other's images. I'd argue that all came down to its shocking ending where literally half of everyone's favorite superheroes all died horribly. He had this extremely relatable confused grimace that really seemed to capture the zeitgeist in and not totally sure what was going on at the time that would explain why. Without a doubt, dril is the most important person on Twitter of the s. Now it seems laughable that this was the biggest gaffe of the election, the most shocking thing a politician said.

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Stark" memes, and then there were even thicc Thanos memes.

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Oh Yes Daddy GIF

Without a doubt, dril is the most important person on Twitter of the s. However, if he produces his own bottle immediately, he is exempted, and it is you who must chug. Cruz was born in — after the first killings — so he is probably not the Zodiac Killer, in my expert journalistic opinion. The rare meme that did demonstrable good. Its sadder lyrics definitely fit my general mood about all of life right now.

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