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But this skulking about for convenient scapegoats won't do. They will never be megalomaniacs. While action blockbusters were ramping up the Reaganite idea that Armageddon was just around the corner, spies and terrorists of all kinds were in abundance. Think who are the bad guys in a Jason Bourne movie. And since virtually every other nation or ethnic group is now a potential customer, what will Hollywood do for its supply of bad guys? Many would be involved in drugs, that bigger boom industry even than cinema.

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Like Bourne, we are expected to be perpetually vigilant because every place is potentially dangerous and everyone is a possible suspect.

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One might think that this largely narrative off screen identification of Israelis as villains might be an anomaly, had one not seen it reiterated daily in much of the Western press. Not only have they forgotten where they put it, they also stole it in the first place from the USA We know this because Hollywood tells us so in film after film, the most recent being The Departed and The Good Shepherd. But even those bets are now off. It was happy to do so as recently as , in Schwarzenegger's spy vehicle True Lies. He's the ideal actor for such roles because he does unshown emotion better than any of his contemporaries.

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