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kate mara nue
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Also, she looks surprised — maybe because she left open such a big tell. The Biggest Movies to Look Forward to in We could start at the beginning, the high school plays and acting gigs, but we'll skip to what matters: to Heath Ledger and Brokeback Mountain, in which Mara played Ledger's daughter Alma Jr. She looks more amused than touched. The wrapping paper is gray and blue, a winter scene of ice skaters doing figure eights on a field of Giants colors. It adds up to something that can silence a bar with a walk to the bathroom. She has trouble in big groups, unless that group is her family.

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Paityn. Age: 27.
kate mara nue

If she's in New York and the Giants are at home, she goes and sometimes sings the national anthem.

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Coraline. Age: 32.
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She knocks it down by saying, "I don't know. This is what the writer tasked with meeting the twenty-five-year-old actress gives her. And these men and their progeny have passed on a dedication to grass and helmet crashes and winning, and they have taught their daughters how to shake hands. She has a Giants logo on her BlackBerry. She has trouble in big groups, unless that group is her family. And when she doesn't know an answer, she doesn't wiggle away or sidestep or try to meet you halfway.

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