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If someone falls, it'll be much more than a 30" fall, because the ground slopes away. Flue gas condensate is highly corrosive, so it doesn't take long to rust the metal cabinet of the furnace. As were all of the defects in this blog post. See if you can figure out the problem. Here's frost and black staining below in a new-construction attic. Metro Transit light-rail train operators tell legislators of safety fears.

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Radon fans should be installed vertically to help prevent water from accumulating, which can cause the motor to burn out prematurely.

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10 things home inspectors won’t tell you

In other words, this is not a common defect, but it sure is an egregious one. This was a disconnected vent for a water heater. How Facebook is tracking you and what you can do about it. Here was another rare find for a new home; a living room outlet with reversed polarity. Plumbing vents and drains need to be pitched so water drains out. After the pressure testing is complete, the caps need to be removed.

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