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Greta Thunberg, the year-old teenage climate activist who has garnered international attention for making apocalyptic predictions about the fate of the environment, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by two Swedish legislators. His idea of a really snappy political observation was threatening to murder census workers with a shotgun for daring to knock on the door of his shack. Of note was Rand Paul openly citing Eric Ciaramella's name along with his henchman Sean Misko in helping Schiff-for-Brains cook up the sham-peachment plot in the first place. The company that makes the app that failed in Iowa is called Shadow, Inc. And that's why you'll be seeing a lot of NeverTrumpers talk up Michael Bloomberg as someone who has previously run and won "as a Republican. But here's Lindsey in his Charm the Rubes mode.

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I wouldn't mind this as much except it's clearly dishonest, mercenary behavior.

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Despite have served in office first as a Republican and then as an independent, Bloomberg is now running for the Democratic presidential nomination. I should've screen-capped it This just in: the latest news from the Iowa Caucuses. An Oval Office without Trump and quite possibly an America without Limbaugh is just too frightening a prospect for me to consider. There are individuals who come around once in a lifetime, if we're extremely lucky, that have such a profound and positive impact that imagining the world without them is almost inconceivable. Be careful for what you wish for, Dick.

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