Christina carter productions

christina carter productions
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Loosely called free folk, the music draws on an intoxicating range of avant garde sounds, from acoustic roots to drone, ritualistic performance, Krautrock, ecstatic jazz, hillbilly mountain music, psychedelia, archival blues and folks sides, Country folk and more. He currently lives in Fredericksburg, VA. She has recently performed a series of live guitar duets on the More Hair Less Bush poetry and music tour with saxophonist Paul Flaherty and guitarists Loren Connors and Thurston Moore. The acoustic is an uncomplicated instrument that can produce so many different types of sounds. Over every bit of new music I've heard this year, regardless of the source, not one other album contains as much of the performer's soul as this LP. She began Scorces with pedal steel guitarist Heather Murray in

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In a little more than a year, Rose's acoustic side has issued a CDR and an LP both in limited quantities that have been uniformly praised by all those fortunate enough heard them.

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Christina Carter in Grabbed!

Jack Rose is a new and important voice within the genre and this LP is simply fantastic. The acoustic is an uncomplicated instrument that can produce so many different types of sounds. No matter what I do to try to explain this record, I know that I'll fall short of Kisan Nagai's massive essay from the back of the LP cover. Jack Rose has been in Pelt for a while now and has been an integral force in their stunning output over the past five-ish years. While the band is best known for sprawling tones, spontaneity and occasional dissonance, Rose has found the time to extract himself from this formula for two releases that demonstrate his remarkable skill as a blues guitarist.

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