Cheerleading oops

cheerleading oops
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No matter how prepared you are, there are times when your body doesn't respond to what your brain is telling it. However, wardrobe malfunctions are common for cheerleaders. If you do make a mistake and land on your back instead of your feet, the best thing to do is exactly what the girl in this video did - smile, laugh and keep on cheering. In this video the cheerleader loses both of her shoes at the end of a stunt. Since cheerleaders perform in front of an audience, knowing how to handle it when things go wrong and how to avoid the same mistakes in the future are vital to becoming the best cheerleader you can be. More than a wardrobe malfunction, losing a shoe can spell disaster for a flyer. When it comes to cheerleading mishaps there are dozens of things that can go wrong in any routine or stunt.

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To avoid landing on your back instead of doing a handspring, remember:.

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Cheerleader Oops

Fortunately she has some shorts on underneath. First, she didn't cradle and trust her base to catch her, which launched her to the side. To avoid this problem while performing:. The girl in this video falls and does a couple of things that could have resulted in a serious injury. Keep smiling and stay upbeat and people will quickly forget any mistakes. However, wardrobe malfunctions are common for cheerleaders.

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