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The ruler of a candy area and boss of the "Sugarland Shimmy" level. A domino with a male half on top and a female half on the bottom. Some of them do nothing but. Fights you in "All Bets Are Off". This train is only for the dead Sends a random assortment of confectionery bosses Muffsky Chernikov, a cupcake; Sgt. Chubby Chef : A pudgy-looking chef.

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Aliya. Age: 31.
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Riddle for the Ages : We never do find out what they made their deals with the Devil for.

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Jordynn. Age: 20.
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Everyone Has Standards : They all refused to work for the Devil and ran off with their own contracts. A spiritual beverage-holder investigating magic. At the end, they throw Cuphead and Mugman a celebratory party for freeing them from their debts. A set of nine minibosses that are under the command of King Dice. Or at least he would, if these individuals hadn't run off with their own contracts to parts all around the Isles, depriving the Devil of his due. You fight them on a rail cart in "Railroad Wrath". Funhouse Frazzle's Frights.

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