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Lux got attracted by the young togruta's beauty but felt unsure about having a Jedi being in his home. Ahsoka and Lux had an official meeting, talking about the side they're on. Ahsoka tries to save Steela but gets shot in the shoulder by a tank and Steela falls to her death. He comes and claims Dooku killing his mother but ends up getting taken away to Dooku who orders the droids to kill Lux but it saved by Ahsoka. They managed to save both with a new ally, the general of the Onderon royal guards. However, during their first meeting, Ahsoka didn't trust Lux due to him being a separatist. Onderon is free but at the cost of Steela's life.

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And although not invited to Mandalore by the Separatist delegate.

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Lux Bonteri

Lux's mother, Mina Bonteri was assassinated by Count Dooku. Lux electrocuted her and used her ship to go to Carlac, where he met with Death Watch. Ahsoka tries to convince him to go with her, telling him "they can change things together". He begs Death Watch to let her go, which they refused. After defeating the droids, the rebels smuggled themselves in the capital, Iziz. To make it worse, Ahsoka revealed herself as a Jedi and gets captured by Death Watch.

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