Anime foot crush

anime foot crush
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Luffy of One Piece can do this via his Gear Third ability, though he's only used it in an attempt to stomp someone once, in his fight against Rob Lucci. If you didn't get a fire going quickly, the Dino Mom's foot would start slamming down and eventually squash you. In many combat games it can become a Finishing Stomp. Of course, this is also one of the many Micro Games in the WarioWare games. Obviously from their perspective, a normal-sized human's foot would be gigantic. Why do elephants have flat feet?

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Teagan. Age: 26.
anime foot crush

Subverted earlier in Jurassic World.

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Alayah. Age: 29.
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Giant Foot of Stomping

In Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger , the group finisher consists of the Zyuohgers jumping up and creating a wave of energy around them, and then simultaneously slashing with their Zyuoh Buster Sword Mode. At the same time the Pro heroes are enacting their rescue operation where one team confronts the League while another deals with the factory. A newsreader is squashed by Kitten Kong's huge paw. This happens to a poor sap towards the end of the 14th episode of Hell Girl , by way of a giant girl in a kimono. Godzilla returns to stomp a poor news anchor in Animaniacs. He is immediately stepped on by a giant dinosaur.

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